God Bless Mesut Ozil! What an inspiration for athletes everywhere

Money is nothing to brag about and poor is nothing to be ashamed of! Material will not get you into heaven, but charity will! 

The Leaves are flying high away, and the Heart flies with them…

Emily Dickinson, from a letter to Mrs. J. G. Holland, late autumn 1884 (via litverve)

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All creatures that breathe FEEL

You can’t be a human without being humane! Never be afraid to speak up for animals and for those who are voiceless. Public personalities and celebrities of today (particularly those in the U.S.A.) who are just self-absorbed do zero with their access to the media. On the other hand, Bob Barker is a hero at nearly 91 years of age. My grandfather watched The Price is Right religiously and I always remember that not an episode of the show went by without Barker reminding the audience to have their pets spayed and neutered. As an adult, his words ring in my head. Many people might think spaying and neutering is cruel, but it is NOT! It actually helps the animals to live longer and best of all, it prevents pet overpopulation. After all, what is worse? A dog or cat being spayed or neutered or puppies being brought to the pound and killed? Millions of animals are killed in pounds yearly in this country due to pet overpopulation. They kill all animals from pregnant dogs to newborn puppies. This is sad, but this is reality. Bully breeds including pit bulls are the most vulnerable.

Evil people who teach these animals to fight and then kill them as well as using puppies and smaller dogs for “bait” are the most vile human beings that exist. These dogs die in the most cruel way and are given no dignity. Mike Vick electrocuted animals, hung them, shot them, and viciously tortured them in many other ways and was given his job back by the NFL. My entire life, I’ve been against the death penalty. However, animal abusers deserve the death penalty NOT just a few months in jail or even only a year in jail. They deserve long punishments and to feel the torture that they instilled on innocent animals. Anybody who can hurt the defenseless is an evil human being. Animal abusers are probably more evil than those who kill adult humans because animals CANNOT defend themselves like humans can. Also, humans hate and provoke one another. In some murder cases, the killer has a motive. Animal abusers have no reason to hurt the defenseless and they are especially disgusting because animal know only love. Our pets love us more than they love themselves. Above all, we domesticated cats and dogs and for that reason alone, we owe it to them to protect them. Everyday, we must be advocates for animals.

Today, please ask yourself what you have done for animal rights. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you can change your life by limiting the amount of meat you eat. You can also be more conscious of products you buy and make sure none of them contain palm oil. Palm oil is extracted from the habitats of tigers and chimpanzees. Animals are going extinct for soap and lotion. Read labels! Save lives! When it comes to pets, adopt animals and save a life. Moreover, speak out anytime you hear somebody say something ignorant like “it’s only an animal.” Boycott the NFL and Nike for giving that disgusting subhuman Mike Vick his contract back. The NFL is the National Felon League with players like Vick and past players like OJ Simpson. Don’t forget Jovan Belcher who murdered the mother of his child and then killed himself a few years back. The NFL always turns a blind eye to violence, but didn’t want to pay old players from the 1980s who suffered brain damage while playing. The NFL also ridiculed a good man like Tim Tebow for praying, yet continues to glorify criminals like Vick when he should be banned for life and never spoken about. This is one of the many reasons I don’t watch NFL. 

Not to get off topic, the saddest thing (illustrated by Vick and numerous arrests of black animal abusers) is that a large amount of black people are animal abusers and take part in criminal activities like dog fighting. They did not like when they were made slaves, beaten, and sold but they do the same to defenseless animals everyday. Animals can’t pick up a knife or gun to defend themselves and they have no voice. People like Whoopi Goldberg need to stop coming up with excuses for criminals like Vick and calling it a “cultural thing”. If you are an African-American (particularly one from the Deep South), I encourage you to set a good example in your community. Black vets should go to inner city and country schools and teach the kids about being humane towards animals. Steps must be taken to send a clear message to ignorant people like Whoopi that what Vick did is not a “cultural thing” or a “sport,” but vicious and sadistic killing by a psychopath. He should have gotten a minimum of 20 years in jail while losing every dollar he has. Sorry but I have no sympathy for animal abusers and child abusers. I encourage everybody on my Tumblr, all friends and strangers to speak out with me!

TO THOSE OF YOU INTERESTED IN HELPING ANIMALS, PLEASE visit the link below and order these FREE posters that are sent to you completely free, postage paid. Hang them around your neighborhood in police stations, parks, and anywhere they can be seen to make people aware of the award the humane society offers for those who anonymously report dog fighting: http://m.humanesociety.org/issues/dogfighting/tips/dogfighting_action.html